GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS: Week 02

The second week of Google Summer of Code started on the 20th of June. In my previous blog post, I was able to send my first Pull Request by initialising the project, here is a link to that post.

This week I was working on implementing the dashboard component. The dashboard component consists of a data table that contains a list of forms that have been created previously. In the dashboard, the user should be able to filter forms, search forms, and edit or download the schema of a form.

As I mentioned at the end of my previous blog post, the user interface should be redone according to the OpenMRS 3. x design. So I created a few mockups for each component in the application. Once I have a final design it would be easy for me to continue my work. And I shared those mockups with my mentors and in the openmrs 3 slack channel, It's under review at the moment. Here are the mockups that I came up with.

Purposed design of the Dashboard Component
Purposed design of the Form Builder Component and Form Viewer Component
Purposed design of the Scheme Editor Component

And there were some changes requested in my initial pull request on replacing i18next codes instead of strings in the application. i18next is an internationalization framework which allows you to separate translations that get loaded into multiple files. I was able to resolve those requested changes and send them.

In the meantime, I started to work on fetching the previously created forms to the data table in the dashboard, In the data table, it displays information about each form such as name, publishes state, retried state and version of a form.

With that, the second week comes to an end, and I plan to finish the dashboard component the following week. Thank you for reading, and check back next week for the third week’s blog post. Peace ✌️.



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Kumuditha Karunarathna

GSoC 22 OpenMRS, Software Engineering Undergraduate at University of Westminster, UK